What Is Mediumship Readings?


Much has been written about Mediumship over the years, and I will not attempt to summarize the information because it is vast, and subjective to the practitioner and training one has undertaken. I do believe that the calling of Mediumship healing is something that one doesn’t purposely seek, but rather the way of Mediumship finds the practitioner.

raven on a pole.

The Ability

Mediumship is unlike anything that I have experienced and yet it is an ability that many people can develop. It requires the ability to raise one’s personal energetic vibration to a higher frequency so that a connection to the other side can be made. Once that vibrational connection has been made, the medium can then have communication and relay many messages from the spiritual realm.

The Healing

Upon having a reading from a Medium the client receiving the messages will typically report feeling great joy, happiness, or relief in some cases. For most, having contact with a loved one who has crossed over brings great joy and healing from grief, for others it is the opportunity to confront issues of resentment, hurt feelings, and abandonment. Most importantly is the healing this brings to people who have been stuck without answers, and have needed closure.