Tarot Card Readings with Adrienne Stratton

Tarot card reading with Adrienne Stratton.

Tarot Card Readings with Adrienne Stratton

Tarot Readings & Reiki

Join us for a unique and enriching experience that combines the mystical insights of Tarot with the healing power of Reiki!

Saturday June 22, 10am – 12pm

Location: Private Residence (Address will be given upon registration)


Adrienne Stratton reading tarot cards and talking about mediumship at the OC Holistic Faire.

Adrienne Stratton giving a reading with tarot cards.

This workshop will help attendees understand the social and spiritual significance of the Tarot, when and how it became a tool for spiritual understanding, it’s many uses, and guidance as a tool.  Adrienne will briefly discuss the major and minor Arcana cards, their general function, and the “suits” of cards.  Clients will gain an education and exercise in an intuitive experience. Depending on how many people sign up for our workshop, each participant will get to pull 1 Tarot card and will receive a quick intuitive share on what that person may want to focus on for the day and during their Reiki healing session with Kathy.

Next, private readings of 10 to 12 minutes with each participant will be given, and these readings will offer Intuitive Guidance for any one or generalized concerns each person might have.  These readings are of course confidential, and offered with compassion and professionalism. During the individual Tarot readings, the other workshop participants will enjoy receiving relaxing and rejuvenating Reiki healing treatment, which will also help them integrate the personal messages that the Tarot card provides.

Whether you’re new to Tarot and Reiki or looking to deepen your practice, this workshop offers a unique blend of education, personal insight, and healing. Join us for a morning of connection, discovery, and transformation in a supportive and nurturing environment.