Taking risk and letting go!

I have found that for me to live fully and awake I must let go of everything that doesn’t serve me. I fortunately do not have to experience great suffering before letting go anymore. I do however from time to time catch myself “stuck” on thinking self defeating thoughts, and fearful thoughts as well. I now catch these thoughts and observe how they are making me feel, and if I am repeating old messages with unfounded fears, I ask myself if I am comfortable with the feelings? Is this what I want in my life? Once I determine that the thought (s) are not serving me with self love, self compassion, or the new vision of a happy, healthy, abundant lifestyle I want….then I release those thoughts. I take a risk to think new thoughts, to focus on what makes me feel good, and how I can add more to life. I have started this daily practice and experience great results. Anyone can ask for and receive a fulfilling life and it will be given!…it’s the law of the universe.