Primary Services

All sessions can be arranged in person, over the phone, or with Zoom.

Tarot Cards,

A session of reading Tarot cards will provide insight to areas that are blocked, troublesome, or confusing.  The reading will also offer solutions, encouragement and an intuitive feel for the outcome of certain situations.  Frequently the readings will provide confirmation on plans, goals, and relationships of all kinds.  While it is not 100% accurate all of the time, it does paint a most interesting picture of what are the influences past, present, and to some degree the future.


Pendulums are often used during a session to get clarification on a yes or no question, to get a yes or no answer.  Any small object suspended that will move in various directions can be used.  Spirit Guides direct the movement of the pendulum thus providing the answers.  Sometimes they will say they don’t know!!


An ancient practice that was used by healers to assess a person’s physical health, mental health, and personality.  Palmistry has also been used to gauge careers, marriage, financial success, and psychic abilities to name a few.  Reading one’s palm is like reading the life map, so say many.  I enjoy reading palms and find it to be a real gateway into a person’s energy field.


Another ancient practice developed to provide understanding into a person’s nature, influences on their personality, and life’s direction.  Once I am able to determine the Sun, Moon, and Rising sign a brief interpretation of how those Astrological signs blend and work with each other.  I will focus on the strengths of each and provide an Intuitive feel for your major influences.  I can print out your Birth Chart based on your birthday, time of birth and location, and an Astrological Report will be available at an extra fee.   This report on your birth provides you with a report on the correlating positions of the planets that influence work, career, relationships, finances, etc…  A discussion on the North and South Nodes will also be given as they pertain to the past and future.


A specific reading that brings forth communication from your loved ones who are deceased and on “the other side”.   This reading is unlike anything else in that it requires me to raise my vibrational energy to meet with them, see, feel, hear, them, and channel their communications.  As a medium I raise my energy, they lower theirs, and we meet in the middle…or medium range.  I do not analyze this communication, but will ask for clarification on specific questions that you might have.  I always ask that the information being shared is done so in the most positive ways, and with the highest loving response.  I will also take the time to be sure that the environment is safe and protected from any negative energies that might want to interfere.   I recommend scheduling an hour for the session as it may take a while for the communication to connect.