Discussing Mediumship With Adrienne Stratton: OC Holistic Healing Faire

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Discussing Mediumship With Adrienne Stratton: OC Holistic Healing Faire


Come visit me Saturday, 28th, 11-5pm

I’ll be speaking on Mediumship at 3:30pm so stop on by. 

The Heart Space OC Holistic Healing Faire

Call 949.752.5272 to Book Sessions

 15-Minute & 30-Minute Sessions*** $30/15-Min & $60/30-Min

Adrienne Stratton reading tarot cards and talking about mediumship at the OC Holistic Faire.

Adrienne Stratton giving a reading with tarot cards.

Mediumship, Angel Tarot & Pendulum Readings and Intuitive Energy Cleanse

Mediumship Readings – (Requires 30-minutes) In a loving and compassionate way I will connect with your loved ones that have crossed over to the other side. I will help you with meaningful conversation as presented by them and find answers that you might be looking for. All messages are delivered with the highest good and are of love.

Angel Card / Good Tarot Card Readings/ Pendulum – Intuitive readings in Relationships, Finances, Career, Health. These readings through the use of cards can provide meaningful insight, can reveal blockages, and suggestions for finding solutions. The readings are always positive and uplifting.

Intuitive Energy Cleanse – Release blockages, disconnection, depression – Review of energy field for areas that need refreshment, removal of energetic cords, or Aura cleansing.