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I would like to begin by thanking you for reading through my website. This little journey has been a labor of love.

My professional practice began several years ago teaching and guiding friends and clients in meditations and the development of their spiritual understanding of the universe, and tools to navigate it.  I have always held the Spirit Realm with much reverence and love, and in it are the “Guides” and Angels that walk by our sides daily.  Teaching others about them and how to access them and speak with them is one aspect that brought me joy early on.  It still does and is still fulfilling, as my passion for Intuitive Energy Readings and Mediumship are most of what I use in service to others.

As a young person growing up my first experience with the Spirit World happened at about age 6 when I saw a Shadow person, but had no frame of reference and no support from my parents who quickly dismissed it as a dream.  Afterall there were no such things as apparitions / ghosts so said my father who was an MD.  As the years have gone by, I have learned that the separation caused by physical death is really no separation at all.  One merely slips into a different existence of energy and light, non judgement, no illness and pain, only loving awareness.  It is true that Love never dies.  It is felt strongly on the other side and continues as ever present.

So, my early awareness started with the ability of “Seeing” which is Clairvoyance. (More on that later as it speaks to the “Clair’s” which we use as tools for communication).  As a teenager my ability to “Feel” things about people and places, past and future began as a love affair with Astrology and the continent of Atlantis. (I have a rising sign of Aquarius, and both Sun and Moon are in Taurus.  Basically, my feet are planted deeply on Mother Earth and my head is in the stars.)  The ability to Feel things are Clairsentience.  But it wasn’t until later in life that I began to recognize a pattern within myself of “Knowing” things but not knowing how I knew.  That is Claircognizance.  The ability to know things about people, places and things without being presented with the facts.  Spirit will speak and guides the information to you.  Claircognizance and Clairvoyance are my dominant abilities and that I use regularly.


Lastly, I want to speak about Self-Acceptance.  As I have matured and the years have gone by, I have realized that this path found me and I answered the calling!  Being a Psychic and Medium were hard to accept at first as I feared rejection by friends and others. Yet as my connection to Spirit strengthened and my confidence grew my fears disappeared and I was able to embrace my abilities and love for what I do and who I am.  I am always happy to help others with this vital step to live in the light of service and Spirit.

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