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To begin I want to say that I always consider it an honor to sit with someone while engaging their energy, angels/guides, and loved ones from the other side.  It is such an act of trust and I don’t take this role on without knowing the responsibility to bring forth compassionate and honest messages as given to me by my guides.

As an Intuitive, I may use a variety of different methods to connect with you energetically, such as Traditional Tarot Cards, Angel and Animal Tarot Cards, Pendulums, Palmistry, Astrology, and guided Meditation.  While I do not need to use these methods to provide you with a reading, I have found that most people prefer initial sessions starting with them as a way to relax and ease into the time spent together.

Mediumship readings will often begin the same way with a relaxed feeling, and a call for only loving clear messages that can be understood by all participants.  All readings provide insight, understanding and clarity for all types of issues and concerns.  My work is dedicated to bring spiritual growth and healing to those I can help.  Readings are in person or over the phone, and are based on 30 minutes to 1-hour sessions.  A 24-hour cancellation notice is required.

Primary Services

Tarot Cards

A session of reading Tarot cards will provide insight to areas that are blocked, troublesome, or confusing.  The reading will also offer solutions, encouragement and an intuitive feel for the outcome of certain situations.  Frequently the readings will provide confirmation on plans, goals, and relationships of all kinds.  While it is not 100% accurate all of the time, it does paint a most interesting picture of what are the influences past, present, and to some degree the future.


Pendulums are often used during a session to get clarification on a yes or no question, to get a yes or no answer.  Any small object suspended that will move in various directions can be used.  Spirit Guides direct the movement of the pendulum thus providing the answers.  Sometimes they will say they don’t know!!


An ancient practice that was used by healers to assess a person’s physical health, mental health, and personality.  Palmistry has also been used to gauge careers, marriage, financial success, and psychic abilities to name a few.  Reading one’s palm is like reading the life map, so say many.  I enjoy reading palms and find it to be a real gateway into a person’s energy field.


Another ancient practice developed to provide understanding into a person’s nature, influences on their personality, and life’s direction.  Once I am able to determine the Sun, Moon, and Rising sign a brief interpretation of how those Astrological signs blend and work with each other.  I will focus on the strengths of each and provide an Intuitive feel for your major influences.  

I can print out your Birth Chart based on your birthday, time of birth and location, and an Astrological Report will be available at an extra fee.   This report on your birth provides you with a report on the correlating positions of the planets that influence work, career, relationships, finances, etc…  A discussion on the North and South Nodes will also be given as they pertain to the past and future.


A specific reading that brings forth communication from your loved ones who are deceased and on “the other side”.  This reading is unlike anything else in that it requires me to raise my vibrational energy to meet with them, see, feel, hear, them, and channel their communications.  As a medium I raise my energy, they lower theirs, and we meet in the middle…or medium range.  I do not analyze this communication, but will ask for clarification on specific questions that you might have.  I always ask that the information being shared is done so in the most positive ways, and with the highest loving response.  I will also take the time to be sure that the environment is safe and protected from any negative energies that might want to interfere.   I recommend scheduling an hour for the session as it may take a while for the communication to connect.

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All sessions can be arranged in person, over the phone, or with Zoom.

Services Fees:

Intuitive Readings – $40.00/30mins or $80.00/1hr   

Mediumship Readings – $120.00 per hr.


What to Expect

Prior to any reading with me I will engage Spirit, Angels, and Guides to ensure that there is comfort and safety in our environment and process.  I regard all readings as sacred, and an honor to sit with someone as messages from Spirit are revealed.  

Once the space has been cleared, we will often share in a few moments of brief meditation to relax.  While no two readings are alike, each offer an opportunity to gain insight, and understanding into oneself and the complexities of living life as a spiritual being having a human experience.

The time together usually goes fast, and while there will be immediate answers to some questions full understanding is not always immediate.  Spirit moves on a different time table than we do in the physical realm.  

Please don’t expect Magic in your readings, although the readings will often be “magical” in how the information comes forward.  Please do expect that the messages received will be delivered to you with compassion, honesty, and warmth.  I don’t believe there is room for anything that resembles tough love during an Intuitive reading and certainly not in a Mediumship reading.

I will finish by addressing Mediumship readings separately.  There are several factors that contribute to a totally fulfilling Mediumship reading, and the obvious one is connection.  It is what we strive for during the session.  I will not ask you for much information about the person you want to connect with from the other side, but will present information for you to confirm their identity if possible.  

On most occasions the information is detailed and specific with loved ones eager to communicate with you.  There are however occasions when the connection/communication may not be as clear as desired.  Sometimes the recently departed have not gained the necessary communication tools so they refrain from talking or showing up, and sometimes they recognize that the timing of certain conversations on certain topics is not yet needed.  

While I cannot guarantee that the person you wish to connect with will show up, I can promise that the experience is always amazing and magical especially when the connection is made.  For many people it offers a chance to heal from grief, to further understand what happened at the time of death, and other relationship issues that may have needed further discussion and closure.  Sometimes there is great laughter, relief, and a feeling of being loved and protected.   The love always come through strongly.


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    Intuitive And Mediumship Readings by Adrienne

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    By Appointment and all sessions can be arranged in person, over the phone, or with Zoom.

    Service Fees

    Intuitive Readings – $40.00/30mins or $80.00/1hr

    Mediumship Readings – $120 per hr.